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High economic hurdles set up by the twin oil shocks of the 1970's followed by the members establishing their own families inevitably put their music ambitions on hold.

However, in 1999
Arising was re-released (with "On My Own") as a CD which enjoyed sales success in Europe and continues to be available as a special order item. It must also be noted that the original Arising vinyl album continues to be sought with an asking price as of this writing of about $180.

Short Cross's period of dormancy had hardly been one of arrested development. If opportunities to play had been intermittent, the individual band members had continued to hone and furthur develop their skills and this cannot be better demonstrated than the DVD featuring Short Cross and two other bands, Loose Gravel and the Barracudas:
Blast from the Past 2005, available from Springer Connection Blast from the Past 2005. (more)