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Happily, the internet has created a whole new way for music to be marketed, distributed and even heard. The major recording labels and the radio stations can go on doing their Britney thing and I can do mine, which is look for real good music performed by really good artists.

Conversely, great artists, through the miracle of the World-Wide-Web can have a global reach just like the big boys.

A case study of musicians taking advantage of this new paradigm would be Richmond, Virginia's local legend rock band, Short Cross. Thirty-seven years ago the band sold recordings on a regional basis only to discover that size market is too small to be profitable.

The band was founded as the "Hustlers" in 1967 when drummer Gray McCalley first met singer and lead guitarist Velpo Robertson. By 1970 adjustments to the Hustler lineup had been adjusted to what it is today. The original two, plus Butch Owens on keyboards and Dudley "Byrd" Sharp on bass guitar.

Short Cross had locally released a single , "On My Own" which enjoyed good airplay on Richmond's progressive music station, WGOE 1590 AM. The following year they released a vinyl album,
Arising. (more)