Blast 2005 DVD
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Byrd, Butch, Gray and Velpo collaborated over the years in various capacities since their heyday, and have worked a few Short Cross reunions.

Velpo is engineering, recording and producing sound and video. He gigs with Mo DeBree, Julius Pitman and The Revival and also is mixing it up with a killer rhythm section consisting of Eric Heiberg, Audie Stanley & Bob 'Rico' Antonelli.

Gray gigs and records with The Continentals Big Band , the Paul Roberts Orchestra, the Carlisle Avenue Diner Band, IC2 and his own GMQuartet.

Velpo and Gray are enjoying keeping up with their families and friends. The creative spirit is alive and well and they continue to explore new ideas and possibilities. Catch them LIVE if you can. It is well worth the experience! GM August 26, 2016
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